Ned Kelly’s Closes; Urbana School Boo News; Champaign Good News

Posted 23 December 2006

Ned Kelley’s Steak House in Urbana will close 31 December. The general manager cited higher steak prices, which all restaurants are experiencing, but, more importantly noted “There’s a lot of competition on Prospect Avenue that we’re not able to compete with right now.” We wouldn’t be surprised if Ned Kelly’s owners regroup and reopen a restaurant in Savoy or Champaign.

Earlier this week Urbana’s school board announced that remedial classes will be dropped at Urbana High School. It seems that this will result in a decreased learning experience for students now in non-remedial classes. Or maybe the expected result is that the students now in remedial classes will do even more poorly, their families will hopefully move to Champaign where they can get a better education.

The 15 December News-Gazette reported that a high tech, venture-capital funded Colorado company, Solidware, will be establishing an office in Champaign. We rarely hear about high tech companies locating in Urbana.

A 10 December News-Gazette editorial congratulated Champaign for the $40M residential and commercial project on 4th and Springfield, all the residential growth in SW Champaign, and the Clearview commercial devlopment in NW Champaign, and the upcoming M2 building, and the eventual redevelopment of the current Christie clinic site. The editorial concluded: “All of this gentrification will take place within three blocks of the Illinois Central Railroad tracks, the reason for the original development of Champaign in 1854. … making it [Champaign] as vibrant a place as it was for the city’s first 100 years.” Of course the reasons are different now, having nothing to do with the railroad, but even today smart families and businesses prefer Champaign-Savoy to Urbana.


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